EV_RXFLAG emulation

Valentine Sinitsyn Valentine.Sinitsyn at usu.ru
Mon Jul 9 23:36:05 CDT 2007


UB> The problem with EV_RXFLAG is, that the UNIX spec doesn't know it (to my
UB> knowledge). So most if not all kernel level drivers don't implement it. So
UB> we have to workaround or propose a kernel driver change.
Yeah, that's was what I wrote in the second item of the list
(actually, for my own internal developments, I've just implemented
missing ioctl() in the Linux TTY driver but I'm almost sure the change
wouldn't get accepted upstream). The question is - what's a best way
(in design terms: buffer serial I/O in ntdll/serial.c, at the server
level etc - there are many ways to do the same thing and nearly all of
them would probably work) to workaround the problem and I'm kindly asking someone with
a decent knowledge of the Wine architecture at the whole to comment on
my idea.

UB> As the latter is probably harder then to write code that Alexandre accepts,
UB> try to implement you proposal in a clean way. Start with adding test for the
UB> test suite, that really run on the different Win Flavours. Than implement
UB> your idea that make wine succeed in the test, and your test run on wine.
That's a tough part - it implies that I must have those different
Windows versions.

UB> Otherwise, in 2000 Ove Karven did some implementation for EV_RXFLAG
UB> http://source.winehq.org/source/misc/comm.c?v=wine20001002
UB> The code probably got lost in the move to handle devices in the server.
Thanks, I saw this one. The idea is somewhat close to mine although
implementation is different - I need to look further into it.

Valentine Sinitsyn

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