Direct3D Game test framework

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Jul 10 12:28:39 CDT 2007

Michal Okresa wrote:
>We (people around CxTest) think that extending CxTest is better approach
>to achieve your goals rather than writing new application or modifying
>existing. It could be done with smaller effort (in opposite of
>AutoHotkey, AutoIt, ...) because CxTest is  specialised for testing Wine
>and CrossOver and it can deal with wine's specifics.

I agree that CxTest has many good features, and that
any tests we write should run under CxTest.

However, I think it's useful and important for us to
write tests that can easily be run with no
complicated CxTest installation.  I also think
it's useful and important for us to be able to
run our tests on Windows.
That's why I started yawt; it's a single python
source file that runs automated tests written
in AutoHotkey (and a little python).
It runs perfectly well on both Windows and Wine,
and my goal is to make yawt plug in to CxTest so
yawt tests can still easily be run on Windows
or Linux standalone, *or* be run from inside the
CxTest machinery.

I'm sure there will always be some tests that are
better written directly in CxTest, but I'm going to
try to push yawt forward, too.  With
luck we'll have the two test systems working
well together in a month or two.
- Dan

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