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Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Jul 12 01:58:31 CDT 2007

On 7/11/07, Nigel Liang (梁乃強) <ncliang at> wrote:
> Sent in try 2:

Not all the locals in  FontLinkListBoxWndProc really need to be static.
(e.g. 'dst')
Those that really need to be static should probably be initialized to
zero, and cleared to zero after they're consumed.
(I'm thinking of 'src' in particular; it's just scary to
have a value hanging around in there after you do the
move; what happens if you get a stray WM_BUTTONUP message

The code indentation style is nonstandard; I think wine
usually uses 4 space, not 2 space.
(OK, OK, I probably submitted lots of code that wasn't 4 space
indented, but I'm sorry :-)

You still have nonportable initializations like
+  const WCHAR fontlinktermstr[] = {0,0};
Wine uses ANSI C.  You cannot initialize nonstatic arrays
at compile time.

You have some globals with names that aren't obviously global
or easy to search for:
+static HWND hChild, hParent;
This probably isn't too bad, but pi really is too
short for a global variable name.

- Dan

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