programs/winefontcfg: Add winefontcfg

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Jul 12 09:54:42 CDT 2007

VJ wrote:
> Is it possible to have a separate tab for fonts in winecfg, rather
> than a separate program.
> Its my opinion of winefontcfg, rather than having a collection of
> configuration tools. Better have one.

That's the wrong direction, I think, and here's why:
Native uses separate tools for *everything*, tied together
in a Control Panel.  I'd like to see us go that route instead.
It would make it easier to support third-party control
panel applets.

Now, Wine does support control panel applets, I think, but
it's a pain in the ass to run them because we don't provide a
menu entry called Control Panel that shows the applets
graphically.   (Presumably this behavior belongs in explorer,
since it's done on native with shell folders.)  How hard would
it be to throw this together?  We could make winecfg show up
as a control panel applet for now, and then slowly start breaking
its tabs out into applets as the whim hits us.
- Dan

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