Colin Finck mail at
Thu Jul 12 12:24:39 CDT 2007


The Wiki page at says that specific
SUBLANGs should be used for the languages Chinese, Norwegian and Portuguese.
This is okay if you always have a translation specifically for every
sublanguage of these languages, but we might run into problems if a
translation for one of these sublanguages does not exist.

For example if we have a translation for LANG_PORTUGUESE,
SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN, but don't have a translation for
SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_PORTUGAL and the user set his locale to "Portuguese
(Portugal)", he will see the English translation, although we have a
Brazilian Portuguese translation.
If we would use SUBLANG_NEUTRAL here, the same translation would be used for
both Portuguese variants.

The question is now: What are the preferences of these users? Would it be
better for them if they see the Brazilian Portuguese translation or the
English one?
The same goes for Chinese and Norwegian users, if we only have one
translation for these languages.

It would be nice if some native Chinese, Norwegian and Portuguese speakers
could share their opinion about this.

Best regards,

Colin Finck

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