Bug introduced in ws2_32.dll.so in version 0.9.39

Christian Pradelli c_pradelli at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 08:23:58 CDT 2007


I have an application done in delphi that send and receive streams to a TCP 
server using indy. This applications is working fine since older versions of 
wine (0.9.5).
After version 0.9.39 (up to last 0.9.41) the checksum of the stream is wrong 
when received in server side. The problem only happens with streams above 
64KB (approximately).
I debug the application but it's very dificult to detect the problem, the 
streams are very big to analyze them.

If I replace "ws2_32.dll.so" with the one from 0.9.38 the problem is solved.

Can I help in any way to solve it?
I would like to posit in bugzilla but I think that I don't have sufficient 

c_pradelli at yahoo.com 

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