[Resubmit]: Added wrapper dll for ct-api(CardTerminal API)

Christian Eggers ceggers at gmx.de
Sun Jul 22 09:43:11 CDT 2007

Am 11 Jul 2007 um 13:57 hat Alexandre Julliard geschrieben:

> "Christian Eggers" <ceggers at gmx.de> writes:
> > +#define SONAMES_LIBCTAPI "libctapi.so","libctapi-cyberjack.so.1","libct.so","libctdeuti.so.5"
> > +#endif
> There should be a registry key to specify the library to load instead
> of a hardcoded list. If the key is not set you probably want to
> fallback to just libctapi.so. Also the dll should fail to load if
> the library cannot be loaded.

Any suggestions where to store these value in the Registry? Is there a special location for 
wine related dll settings or shall I use someting like
HKCU\Software\<My name>\<My dll>?

How do I access the registry from my dll? Are the "normal" Win32 functions in winreg.h 
ok, or are there "special" functions for Wine dlls which shall be used?


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