Another report of infection. Time to integrate antivirus support?

Tomas Kuliavas tokul at
Mon Jul 23 10:57:34 CDT 2007

> Say, whatever happened to that SoC project
> to integrate antivirus support?  Looks like he made
> quite a bit of progress:
> Stories like this
> make me think we really need to get that integrated.

Wait for next blog. Maybe then you will be able to identify company user
works for. Blog is practically empty. User profile does not give any
details about blogger.

There is no anti-virus which can protect machine from user, new virus or
targeted trojan. Every virus has a strike window. There is some time
between virus release date and virus definition updates, that detect this
virus. Every sane virus writer should check his creation against latest
virus definitions in main anti-virus packages.


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