Should Wine move to LGPL 3?

Damjan Novak aryah47 at
Sun Jul 22 12:22:18 CDT 2007

Hi! I  just stumbled on this list and discussion, and though to just
mention a highly speculative, but potentially very rewarding advantage
of using LGPLv3 for wine.

According to this opinion at groklaw:
Microsoft MIGHT end up being effectively forced to distribute GPLv3
code under the deal with Novell, and hence loose any chance to sue
about patents any so licenced projects included in SuSE, and I suppose
wine is included in that distro.

Given the nature of the wine project, Im thinking it could benefit
greatly from such potential shelding from Microsofts patent portfolio,
if things happen to unfold in this very optimistic scenario..

just a thought...

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