gdiplus progress and pptview

Evan Stade estade at
Tue Jul 24 19:33:01 CDT 2007


As an update for those who don't use pptview daily (as I do), built-in
gdiplus is able to render most presentations that native can render.
(By native I mean native gdiplus in wine, not pptview.exe in windows.)
In fact, I cannot at the moment find a presentation that native can
render but built-in cannot (whereas I can find cases to the contrary,
pending today's patches).  So it would be helpful if people could
start using built-in gdiplus for their favorite gdiplus-dependent
programs and reporting bugs.

Native gdiplus looks better (and probably always will, since it can do
its own rendering, whereas the built-in implementation relies on gdi
and the underlying drivers), but built-in should be faster. Also if
you are going to try to use pptview in wine with either native or
built-in gdiplus, I would start with simple presentations and work up,
rather than starting with a 50-page real-world presentation.

Evan Stade

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