Usual non microsoft dlls

"Luis C. Busquets Pérez" luis.busquets at
Sun Jul 29 04:10:16 CDT 2007


There are a number of dlls which are of common us, e.g. mss32.dll or 
binkw32.dll in the gaming industry.

These are usually distributed with the game. Nevertheless, they relay in 
other dlls of the system, e.g. zlib1.dll goes through msvcrt.dll to 
perform its activities.

Nevertheless, zlib1.dll is part of an open source project and it would 
not be difficult to adapt the code for fitting in wine as a library 
asking directly for the operating own system libraries, thus increasing 

Therefore, I propose to include in the source tree a directory for 
"commonly used dlls not included in Windows"
It could include at least the open source usual dlls e.g.
or even comon closed dlls (although this would be a harder work and we 
can work without an implementation for the time being.) such as

Which would boost games such as Civ4 and furthermore it would make it 
more reliable as these open source libraries do not need to go through 
the wine implementations of the windows dlls in which they relay.

What do you think?

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