msvcr80 support!

Kovács András andras at
Mon Jul 30 11:52:43 CDT 2007


Msn live messenger can be started by  commenting out 
	@ stdcall FindActCtxSectionStringA(long ptr long str ptr)
	@ stdcall FindActCtxSectionStringW(long ptr long wstr ptr)
lines from kernel32.spec file.
By the way it needs native gdiplus.dll, otherwise you won't get it's window.
It is still unusable because of lack of textsrv functions of riched20.dll 
(native causes unhandled exception), and there is another problem that is 
present in msn 7.5, you can't sign in.

2007. július 27. 13.22 dátummal Alexandre Julliard ezt írta:
> Stefan Dösinger <stefan at> writes:
> > Windows Live messenger still refuses to start. Do I have to do anything
> > special(other than updating wine), or should I report a bug for this:
> You need to install native common controls 6, or copy the common
> controls manifest from a Windows box, we don't have manifests for
> builtin dlls yet.

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