tests/msi.c fails when run twice on Wine?

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 13:05:44 CDT 2007

James Hawkins wrote:
> On 7/30/07, Paul Vriens <paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com> wrote:
>> James Hawkins wrote:
>>> On 7/27/07, Paul Vriens <paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> The msi test currently fails for me on Wine when run the second time after
>>>> getting a clean environment:
>>>> rm -rf ~/.wine
>>>> make msi.ok
>>>>    msi: 101 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 0 failures), 0 skipped.
>>>> rm msi.ok
>>>> make msi.ok
>>>>    msi.c:366: Test failed: Expected INSTALLSTATE_UNKNOWN, got 1
>>>>    msi: 101 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 1 failure), 0 skipped.
>>>> Anyone?
>>> Works fine for me.
>> Hi James,
>> Would the attached patch be OK? It makes sure that squash_guid always sets the
>> out parameter and check the results of squash_guid in the callers (from registry.c).
>> This fixes the msi test for me.
>> I'm not sure about the returned error code ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND but it made
>> the most sense to me.
> hmm it should probably be ERROR_FUNCTION_FAILED, but otherwise it's fine.
Sound reasonable. I'll change that. I'll also have a look at the other callers 
of squash_guid.

It's still strange though that it doesn't happen on your box (you are the only 
one that came back, and of course Alexandre cause I guess he runs the tests 
every time before he commits something).



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