[PATCH 3/5] winecfg: Make winecfg resources compilable by aWindows resource compiler

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Mon Jul 30 22:37:29 CDT 2007

"Frank Richter" <frank.richter at gmail.com> wrote:

> >> What's the actual problem?
> >
> > rc simply doesn't handle \" or "" constructs.
> Hm, I have some .rc files here with "" that work just fine with MS' rc.

rc doesn't support embedded or escaped quotes at all. So statements like

LTEXT "String with "quotes"",-1,7,7,120,8
LTEXT "String with \"quotes\"",-1,7,7,120,8

don't work.

> (Tho maybe it's braindead enough to have it supportted in one place but
> not some other.)
> And what about other substitutes, like \x22 or \042?

No, that doesn't help.

> >> Also, wouldn't it be nicer to devise a fix that retains the “fancy”
> >> quote characters, instead of replacing them with boring 's?
> >
> > The problem is that those characters don't exist in some locales.
> But when they exists in the codepage commonly used for a locale, I don't
> think there is a reason not to employ them?

That would create an additional problem for translators IMO.


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