wintrust: implement WintrustGetRegPolicyFlags and WintrustSetRegPolicyFlags

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Jun 3 21:25:43 CDT 2007

Hi Saulius,

> This function tries to open Software_Publishing key.  And creates it, if
> the key didn't exist, I suppose.  It is absent in a clean $WINEPREFIX.  
> Hence 4 test failures:


> During next run failures are gone, and I get this difference between two
> registry dumps:


> So this key should be registered during wineprefix run at some point, 
> right?

No, it's simpler than that, the order of the tests is merely wrong. 
WintrustGetRegPolicyFlags calls WintrustSetRegPolicyFlags with the default
value if the registry value doesn't exist.  The call to
WintrustGetRegPolicyFlags (line 333) should precede the RegOpenKeyExW call
(line 325-326.)

I'll try to remember to patch it up..

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