Bugzilla mails and people replying to wine-bugs@winehq.com

Tom Spear speeddymon at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 18:13:47 CDT 2007

Just curious how trivial it would be to add a note to the bugzilla
mail template saying to post replies to comments in the bug?

Something like the following:

A bug you are watching, Bug #(bug number), has a new comment.  To
reply to this comment, click (bug link).

Then the rest of the email as it currently appears.

I'm asking because I have received several replies to the list
recently, and once wine reaches 1.0, I'm sure many more people will
join the list and do the same.  I don't want comments to be lost due
to them not being posted in the proper place, as everyone's input on a
bug is important.



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