How to make your machine crash when running Wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Jun 26 05:50:23 CDT 2007

There's a similar discussion going on here:

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i had the same problem. I use wine with Ubuntu Daper on Core T7200 Duo Laptop.
I moved from the kernel  2.6.15-28-386 to  2.6.15-28-686 and wine
starts to freeze.
 * moving from nvidia  to vesa-driver -> no luck
 * set Hyperthreading-kernelswitch ht=on to ht=off -> no luck

After moving back to 2.6.15-28-386 it worked again.

The workaround ist to use the 386-kernel.
(Linux version 2.6.15-28-386 (buildd at terranova) (gcc version 4.0.3
(Ubuntu 4.0.3-1ubuntu5)) #1 PREEMPT Thu May 10 09:45:43 UTC 2007)

PS: I used wine_0.9.39~winehq0~ubuntu~6.06-1_i386.deb and
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