Direct3D Game test framework

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Tue Jun 26 06:06:02 CDT 2007

> I second Vit's recommendation.  We're using Autohotkey
> scripts in our test framework
> and I've been meaning to work with Vit to get his scripts
> incorporated into our framework.  (We've been distracted
> getting the next release of Picasa out, sorry.)
I had a look at autohotkey, and after some fiddling I managed to automatically 
load a predefined 3DMark2000 test, run it and write the results to the disk.

The whole thing has some rough edges, like hotkeys not working sometimes from 
autohotkey(but they do if entered manually) which I have to overcome by 
hardcoding button click coordinates. Also I found myself unable to send a 
backslash(for a path), but overall I think its a useable solution.

Appart of controlling the apps we'll need some programs to start the 
application scripts, extract the results and do something with them. That 
could be some bash or perl scripts.

We also need some database to collect the results. This could be something 
webserver based with some simple SQL database, or just another set of perl 
scripts on a server. Here I'd like to look how much cxtest infrastructure we 
can reuse. Any volunteers for writing such a thing?

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