Direct3D Game test framework

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu Jun 28 11:05:02 CDT 2007

With Francois' help I could build a test package for 3DMark2000 now:

It runs two tests, one at 640x480, another one at 1024x768, writes the results 
to a file and reads the file back. No benchmark results are sent to the 
server yet(just ok / fail).

Steps to run the test:
1) install cxtest from . I recommend installing 
it with a seperate user account, since the tests scripts mess with files in 
$HOME. cxtest will download the wine git tree and compile wine, so you need 
some free space. cxtest installs some sample test packages too(picasa, 
winzip, pptviewer).

It was a bit tricky for me to set cxtest up, since it needs Xvnc, has some 
problems(non-fatal it seems) with git 1.5, and a problem with the nvidia 
driver interfered(I couldn't run 2 Wine instances from different user 
accounts, I got a crash in libglcore). When you try to *record*, not play 
back a test, make sure to have $DISPLAY unset(vnc is used)

2) Download my test package and unpack it in ~/cxtest/

3) Run the test WITHOUT using vnc. Obviously you need $DISPLAY set, and 3D 
acceleration available:

~/cxtest/cxtest_run/bin/ --run 
3dmark2000 --verbose --no-user --no-dependency  --wine 
~/cxtest/wine/wine --no-vnc

So whats left?
*) Make the Email system send custom test return data, not just success / 
*) extend the server side infrastructure to handle that test data.
*) Write tests for more games

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