Announcing WineConf 2007

Mike Hearn mike at
Fri Jun 29 12:41:36 CDT 2007

Yes, it's true! The moment you've all been waiting for!

On 6th/7th October, once more Wine hackers from around the world will
meet to eat, drink, make merry, and discuss the finer details of
reimplementing the Windows API. This year it's Googles turn to host
it, and it'll be at the engineering office in Zurich.

You too can chill out with these awesome froods by signing up for the
wineconf mailing list, and surfing over to:

... which is currently a bit sparse but will populate nearer the time.

Fascinating talks! Interesting people! Hackfests galore ... and maybe
even fondue!

6th/7th October. Be there or be square.

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