Forum proposal

Felix Nawothnig flexo at
Thu Mar 1 15:13:39 CST 2007

(Score:-1, Flaimbait)

Wojciech 'arab' Arabczyk wrote:
> Well - one could setup a forum<->mailing list gateway.

Not easily doable due to the nature of SMTP. Also a forum would be 
completly useless for anything but wine-users...

But let's be honest here:

Most people who use webforums are too stupid or lazy to set up or use an 
SMTP/IMAP/NNTP client. And don't get me even started about usability of 
most forums, especially phpBB and the like. No proper threading but cool 
animated avatars, ranks and post counts... Yes, there is RForum (and I 
believe someone actually wrote an SMTP gateway for it) and others but I 
doubt it would be worth the hassle.

And it's not like we are short of bug reports - do we really want to 
deal with people who will post on a forum but refuse or are unable to 
sign on at an ML?

However - a new web-interface for the ml-archives would be nice (with 
integrated search, no silly month-splits and... well... a somewhat 
prettier design IMHO. Gmane is there but I usually end up using google 
on the winehq archives though...


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