Forum proposal

Wojciech 'arab' Arabczyk arab at
Thu Mar 1 16:24:25 CST 2007


> Have you ever logged onto the IRC channels? Their seems to be a
> healthy community built up around them.

Have You ever been on a chann witch 1000+ users? Believe me, that's not a 
healthy community - it's noizzzzze:

-- user x joined
-- user y parted

(loop indefinetly)

But i've been on forums with 2k+ users, and they're still readable.

Still - i'm not advocating for a forum - a mailing-list is still perfeclty 
readable as far as i'm concerned. Tho i do know, that many younger people 
have no clue about mailing lists, or how to even subscribe, on the contrary 
they can point a browser and easily register/log in on a forum.

Best regards
Wojciech Arabczyk

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