DIB Engine & GSoC

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Mar 2 05:31:14 CST 2007

>  Benoit Pradelle [mailto:ze_real_neo at yahoo.fr] wrote:
> >I'm not really familiar with Wine (and the Windows API) and I don't
> understand
> >why do you think that it will be such an hard work. For me, the work will
> consist
> >in redirect the GDI calls from the X11 pseudo-driver to some new functions
> >which will draw circles, lines, etc.. over DIBs.
> >Do I misunderstand the work to do or under evaluate it ?
I think you underestimate it, or I overestimate it :-)

I hardly know GDI, but from the little bit I used it, and from the huge amount 
of literature I have seem about it, I think it is as complex as for example 
Direct3D10 or maybe even more complex.

But I think if you can do a fluent transition, then the huge amount of work 
will be cutable into small, doable chunks of work, and if you stop after 
doing half of the work for some reason the existing things are still of use.
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