DIB Engine & GSoC

Benoit Pradelle ze_real_neo at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 2 06:44:48 CST 2007

> The other thing is that there are many aspects of GDI drawing, you
> have to take into account region clipping, pens, brushes, line
> thickness, line style, fill style, and other wonders, and make them
> work in 1, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit colour depth pixel-for-pixel exact
> with the way Windows does them.
I see. Effectively the number of parameters to take in account will be a 
difficulty and the GDI API is huge. Moreover implementing it in a fluent 
way won't be easy as said Stefan and Rolf.
> But I asked Alexandre about this, and he said the whole point of the
> DIB engine is that you shouldn't need the locking. How that would work
> is beyond me, after all, if you only draw on the client-side, you
> still have to upload the image to the X server when you want it to
> become visible, but what about images that aren't double-buffered, and
> what about mixed drawing with OpenGL?
Perhaps should we draw everything asked in memory and just send it to X 
when the application calls EndPaint, this way we limit the interaction 
with the X server (and locks).

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