kernel32: Implement ReplaceFileA/ReplaceFileW

Felix Nawothnig flexo at
Fri Mar 2 12:52:11 CST 2007

Erich Hoover wrote:
>> I see your point. However, since the function you are implementing is in
>> kernel32 anyway you could abstract it away and make both functions
>> (CopyFile and ReplaceFile) call some internal function. That way you
>> would get rid of the locking completly which is argueably somewhat ugly.
> On closer inspection, CreateFile actually seems to take care of this 
> with the "security attributes" and "template" parameters.  It does not 
> look like the security attributes are implemented yet (or the call to 
> get the security attributes for a file) but since CreateFile already 
> handles this it seems unnecessary to add a new break-out function.  You 
> will likely find the attached more to your liking.

Doesn't matter what I like, in the end it's up to Alexandre.

But yes, looks much better to me (although I'd still say it makes sense 
to abstract away the actually copying in a subroutine).


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