New opengl thread context selection patches for testing

Mirek thunder.m at
Sun Mar 4 16:04:39 CST 2007

Ok, i tried it with current CVS.

+ There are many improvments in some games like Tomb Raider Legends, GTA 
San Andreas, HalfLife Episode One and 3DMark 2005 or 2006
+ Oblivion is still broken (same as with previous patchset)
+ With your previous Thread patchset Rainbow Six Vegas can even run into 
menu, but now it hang while loading menu.
+ I can't find any other regressions :)

Tested with:
- 3DMark 2003
- 3DMark 2005
- 3DMark 2006
- Alpine Sky Racing 2007
- Battlefield 2142 Demo
- Call of Duty 2
- Flatout 2
- GTA San Andreas
- Half-Life 2 EO
- NFS: Carbon (can't run it before and after)
- All NVidia SDK Direct3D Demos
- Neverwinter Nights 2 (can't run it before and after)
- Polda 5 (czech game)
- Rayman 3
- Rayman Raving Rabbids (can't run it before and after)
- Rainbow Six: Vegas
- TES IV: Oblivion
- Titan Quest (still hangs in menu)
- Tomb Raider: Legend


Stefan Dösinger napsal(a):
> Hi,
> Here is a new patchset for testing which implements duplicating gl contexts 
> for new threads in wined3d. Again, it does not implement any synchronisation 
> measures(except ENTER_GL and glFinish), so running multithreaded games is 
> still kinda a lottery.
> This patchset also contains a patch for offscreen rendering, which may fix the 
> problems introduced with TES: Oblivion before.
> This is just a format-patch of my git tree, the first 3 patches are unrelated. 
> One of them is a clone of Henri's already sent patch, and the other 2 patches 
> were sent by me already.
> Happy testing,
> Stefan

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