[msi, 1/5, try 5] msi: Add OLE automation conformance test.

Misha Koshelev mk144210 at bcm.tmc.edu
Sun Mar 4 16:09:50 CST 2007

On Sun, 2007-03-04 at 15:50 -0600, James Hawkins wrote:
> On 3/4/07, Misha Koshelev <mk144210 at bcm.tmc.edu> wrote:
> > Changes: Ok, try 5. This time there are five patches, as this first
> > patch is a (moderately) comprehensive conformance test for MSI OLE
> > automation, which checks all the functions that will be implemented, and
> > does basic checks like set a property, then get it, is the property what
> > we set it to? I hope this helps get it into git.
> >
> > These patches add partial OLE automation support for MSI and then add
> > JScript/VBScript support for MSI (as the MSI specs specifically state
> > that applications that need this functionality must install Windows
> > Script themselves). As a proof of concept, sufficient automation support
> > is added to conform to the conformance test and to fix bug #7357.
> >
> Doesn't compile:
> ../../../tools/winegcc/winegcc -B../../../tools/winebuild -mconsole
> automation.o db.o format.o iface.o install.o msi.o package.o record.o
> suminfo.o    testlist.o  -o msi_test.exe.so
> ../../../libs/port/libwine_port.a -lcabinet -lmsi -lshell32 -lole32
> -ladvapi32 -lkernel32 -luuid
> automation.o: In function `invoke':
> /home/truiken/wine/dlls/msi/tests/automation.c:389: undefined
> reference to `VariantInit'
> /home/truiken/wine/dlls/msi/tests/automation.c:404: undefined
> reference to `VariantClear'
> /home/truiken/wine/dlls/msi/tests/automation.c:398: undefined
> reference to `VariantChangeTypeEx'

That's really weird, because after a ./configure --prefix=/usr in the
main wine-git directory make automation.ok works just fine for me. I
will try doing a make clean; make; sudo make install for the whole wine
git tree (this will probably take at least 40 minutes or more on my
computer as it is pretty slow) and report back.


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