Settlers II: 10th Anniversary regression?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Mar 5 10:33:51 CST 2007

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> wrote:

>>> Marcus, you seem to be a knowledgeable person how to set up X11 in a 64-bit
>>> environment. Perhaps you have a clue what might be needed to properly setup
>>> locale support in that case?
>>> See for instance the bug
>> I never had any problems setting it up, in fact it just worked all the time :(
>> So I am likely not of much help.
> Well, at least you could just describe how it's set up in your system.
> It appears that some systems don't provide locale support in an emulated
> 32-bit environment at all.

A follow up: a working solution for a 64-bit system was posted in the bug above:

Eventually I found the suitable hint here : For whatever
reason the respective environment variable is no longer being called XLOCALEDIR
but instead XLOCALELIBDIR... :-(

When setting 

  export XLOCALELIBDIR=/usr/lib32/X11/locale

everything works.


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