Current wine and HL2 family - well done!

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Mon Mar 5 12:00:29 CST 2007

> Hi!
>   I've made also the glsl test. The same problem is here - there is too
> much shine all over the game. Not only barrels and weapons, but also faces,
> dresses, walls.. It looks like covered by the oil film. There are also some
> strange shadow effects - like that the top of the hand is dark and the
> bottom is bright, like if the light would come from the ground. And all
> this is of course much slower, doing about 8 - 10 fps on 1024x768.
>   But yes, the water is really perfect.
>   So we turned glsl off again, it seems that it really still needs some
> work. With regards, Pavel Troller
Well, the thing with glsl is that hl2 switches to dxlevel 90, and uses some 
more advanced d3d features. The main problem are sRGB read and write 
support(sort of gamma correction). The missing read support causes the 
overbright stuff, and the write support makes everything a bit darker.

In Episode one and Lost coast high dynamic range rendering is turned on too. 
This doesn't look correct either, and is much slower(on windows too).

If changing the fsaa setting in hl2 changes anything that is just 
imagination - it doesn't do anything yet, the multisample setting is just 
ignored right now.
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