Current wine and HL2 family - well done!

Ken Thomases ken at
Mon Mar 5 13:14:57 CST 2007

On Mar 5, 2007, at 12:00 PM, Stefan Dösinger wrote:

>> Hi!
>>   I've made also the glsl test. The same problem is here - there  
>> is too
>> much shine all over the game. Not only barrels and weapons, but  
>> also faces,
>> dresses, walls.. It looks like covered by the oil film. There are  
>> also some
>> strange shadow effects - like that the top of the hand is dark and  
>> the
>> bottom is bright, like if the light would come from the ground.  
>> And all
>> this is of course much slower, doing about 8 - 10 fps on 1024x768.
>>   But yes, the water is really perfect.
>>   So we turned glsl off again, it seems that it really still needs  
>> some
>> work. With regards, Pavel Troller
> Well, the thing with glsl is that hl2 switches to dxlevel 90, and  
> uses some
> more advanced d3d features. The main problem are sRGB read and write
> support(sort of gamma correction). The missing read support causes the
> overbright stuff, and the write support makes everything a bit darker.

Is UseGLSL=enabled and -dxlevel 80 a meaningful combination that  
produces better results?


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