Working on DIBEngine for SOC

Ivan de Jesus Deras Tabora ideras at
Mon Mar 5 14:35:12 CST 2007

Hello everyone.

I'm thinking about participating in the Google SOC 2007.  Given that
Wine in one of my favorite Open Source projects I find interesting the
idea of implementing the DIBEngine.  In the past I've worked in some
Open Source projects, one of them QT-Win32 and also I did little
contributions to the OFC (Open Foundation Class).  I've experience
with C coding, mostly from working on Educational OS like GeekOS and
>From what I understood the hard part of this project is INTEGRATION. I
mean integrating the new code into the Wine repository without
breaking everything? Am I right?

About the drawing code, I read that is possible to use the X11 code,
also the ReactOS code and the old Transgaming DIBEngine (incomplete).
Is that correct?

Waiting for your comments and ideas.


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