Current wine and HL2 family - well done!

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Mon Mar 5 14:48:48 CST 2007

Am Montag 05 März 2007 20:28 schrieb Wojciech 'arab' Arabczyk:
> Hello
> > If changing the fsaa setting in hl2 changes anything that is just
> > imagination - it doesn't do anything yet, the multisample setting is just
> > ignored right now.
> I've not changed the FSAA setting trough the game options. I've forced it
> on a lower level, that is on the graphics card driver level (using
> nvidia-settings). So it's not _just_ my imagination.
Yeah, that works of course :-)

> > The main problem are sRGB read and write support(sort of gamma
> > correction).
> I suppose it's the last real thing to make Source-engine based games look
> perfect on Wine. Could i be of any help? I cannot program (a complete lack
> of C/C++ skills, bumer :( ), but i can do some extensive patch testing.
It is the biggest remaining visual problem as far as I can tell. There are 
other issues too, in the same way as arb with 80/81 isn't bug free yet.

Phil Costin was working on sRGB, but his time is limited. I don't know the 
current state, but last I knew he was pretty close, but has some problems 
with things that could be driver bugs.
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