Working on DIBEngine for SOC

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at
Mon Mar 5 15:57:09 CST 2007

Ivan de Jesus Deras Tabora [mailto:ideras at] wrote:

Welcome here, Ivan!

>From what I understood the hard part of this project is INTEGRATION.
>I mean integrating the new code into the Wine repository without
>breaking everything? Am I right?

Yes this will be a challenge and it is not about not breaking EVERYTHING
but actually ANYTHING! :-)
The best person to mentor that would be probably Alexander but I think he
said he found this not a good SoC project.

>About the drawing code, I read that is possible to use the X11 code, also
>the ReactOS code and the old Transgaming DIBEngine (incomplete).

X11 is certainly possible but would need quite some love as it is not
exactly known
for readibility.

ReactOS you better don't mention here in Wine. As long as ReactOS has not
been fully
audited from an independent organization to not contain any copied code not
under a
compatible open source license, Wine will not accept any code that looks or
even has
the slightest suspicion that it might be from ReactOS. That would IMO only
exclude the code for the automatically code generated files for the
optimalized DIB
operations from Ge van Geldorp, which he states he did develop all on his
own and
can't be copied since Microsoft does not do it in such a way. And then you
would need
to get them from him and not the ReactOS tree. He said he was ok with them
being used
in Wine.

The Transgaming DIB engine is a start but is still far from complete. And I
don't think it should be done in the X11 driver as that will require to do
the same work
in the quartz driver again and any other graphics display driver that may
come up in the
future. Basically it will be unmaintainable once there is more than one
possible display
driver in Wine.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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