HtmlHelp status, winecfg and SoC proposal

Joris Huizer joris_huizer at
Tue Mar 6 03:46:09 CST 2007

--- Paul Wise <pabs3 at> wrote:

> The licence says this:
> > * Limitations on Reverse-Engineering,
> Decompilation, and Disassembly.
> > You may not reverse- engineer, decompile, or
> disassemble the SOFTWARE
> > PRODUCT, except and only to the extent that such
> activity is expressly
> > permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this
> limitation.
> As written in the chmspec colophon, I didn't do any
> disassembly of
> Microsoft stuff, only black-box format discovery.
> Mainly this was by
> sending different inputs to Microsoft's hhc and
> observing the output, as
> well as looking at existing samples of CHM files. I
> imagine that is
> probably "reverse-engineering" according to
> Microsoft (although they
> haven't contacted me at all, so maybe not).

That sounds like the same way wine and samba are
developed, which is called "clean-room
reverse-engineering", and which should be legal. If it
were not, using this code in wine wouldn't make
anything worse ;-)


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