RS232 latency, redirection possible?

[IDC]Dragon idc-dragon at
Wed Mar 7 09:57:03 CST 2007


I have 2 questions about the serial port handling under Wine:

1) I see a very annoying latency in an application which talks to a controller over RS232. Under Windows, the traffic is "fluent", under Wine each command has a turnaround time of almost a second. Since there are many commands, this gets useless. I sthere anything known, some settings I can try?

2) Is it possible to map the e.g. COM1 port traffic to another device, or is it firmly assigned to matching RS232 interfaces of the Linux box? 
Ideally, I'd like to have the Windows app talk to an XPort device (remote RS232) connected over network. A program called "socat" ( can be used to create a device and tunnel the traffic over a TCP port. I'd like to map that device to a windows-emulated COM port. Maybe this even eliminates problem 1).

I hope I was able to explain especially 2) and kindly wait for answers, thanks!


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