Work legalities

Nathan Williams nathan.andrew.williams at
Wed Mar 7 15:42:44 CST 2007

Yeah, this was the way I was leaning.
Thanks to all the replies, I'm actually in Australia, whilst I love
this job and don't believe there would be a problem (this company is
pretty laid back / not microsoft), but I did sign a contract and think
there may be an issue with one of the sections.

When I finally come to submitting code, does wine need a copy of the
agreement, or do I just hold onto it incase of future cmplications?
(which is very unlikely as I see it)

On 3/8/07, Bill Medland <billmedland at> wrote:
> Depends on what your contract with your employer is.
> I would advise that you get anything like this in writing.
> Bill


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