Writing a winelib plugin

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Mar 8 09:54:50 CST 2007

Shachar wrote:
>It used to not be possible to write a plugin, to be loaded from a
>standard Linux ELF program, that will be itself a winelib shared object.
>All sorts of issues regarding running wineserver and memory layout
>initializations were problematic.
>I'm wondering whether there is any news on that front. Is it still not
>practically possible to do this?

Last time I asked about this, I got the impression that
there was some hope but nobody was working on it.
And I think it would require linking something statically
into the program, too, so if you're trying to foist winelib
shared objects onto an unsuspecting Big App, you're
probably going to be out of luck even if this gets worked on.

What application did you have in mind?

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