modification to allow -Wcast-qual to find potential warnings without unicode.h causing them

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Thu Mar 8 17:35:28 CST 2007

Mike Schaadt wrote:

> I attempted using the suggested '#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored
> "-Wcast-qual"' in replace of what I submited, however I received the
> warning 'ignoring #pragma GCC diagnostic' message, plus the normal
> warnings from unicode.h
> My guess is that I might be using an older version of gcc that doesn't
> support that feature.  My version of gcc is 4.1.2, the version that comes
> with ubuntu.  Should I upgrade my version of gcc, or should I leave the
> pragma instruction as it was?  What is the wine standard version of gcc?

Hi Mike,

Yes, you are right: I tried it, too, and got the same result. GCC 4.1.2. is
the latest version, so I'm not sure why this pragma is being ignored. I was
hoping it might be a way of supressing the cast-qual warnings for this
file, without suppressing other warnings, too.

-- Andy.

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