Shader instruction table whitespace cleanup

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Fri Mar 9 19:27:21 CST 2007

Kevin Wallerbos wrote:
> This formatting patch cleans up the spacing in the pixel/vertexshader
> instruction table, making it somewhat nicer on the eyes. The lines
> have become a bit longer than practical on standard resolutions, but
> that shouldn't be a problem as most lines were already too long.
A better thing to do is to remove the useless GLNAME_REQUIRE_GLSL, and 
"undefined" instruction names. In fact, it may be nice to break out the 
instruction names out of this table completely, since they are only 
necessary for some instructions, required by the map2gl function.

This table is also organized poorly, you have to search through the 
whole thing, and then do version comparisons to find anything. If 
possible, it would be great to make it O(1) accessible.


Also, as you point out:

Before patch : "most lines were already too long" [ I'd say some lines 
were too long ]
After patch:    "all lines are too long"

Not sure what is gained... please don't force others to your resolution 
[ looking at this on a widescreen at 1680 x 1050 and it still wraps! ]

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