Quick, how do you install native dcom? Or the visual C++ runtimes? Or...

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Mar 9 19:45:45 CST 2007

OK, I've been doing bug triage on and off for years,
but just recently I've gotten to the point where I'm
tired of going to the NativeDCOM wiki page
to remember how to try an app with native dcom
just to see if the bug in question is a COM bug.

So I wrote a trivial script to automate installing that
plus a bunch of other redistributables.
A draft is at http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks

Usage: winetricks

It's a bit like a programmer's version of winetools:
it's so commandline-crufty that normal users
won't go near it, but it's simple enough to
extend that it will probably end up being pretty
handy for anyone working on triaging bugs that
appear to be due to missing redistributable libraries.
Oh, or commonly-needed registry entries.
- Dan

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