0.9.32 hangs UltraVNC Viewer after a while

Dieter Rogiest dieter.rogiest at telenet.be
Fri Mar 9 18:45:28 CST 2007

Mandriva Linux 2007.0 here. 
With wine 0.9.30 ultravnc_viewer.exe (remote access) works perfect. 
I installed wine 0.9.32 (wine-0.9.32-1.SoS.2007.0.i586.rpm). 
Using ultravnc_viewer.exe I saw immediately that the fullscreen title bar that 
should appear when you move your mouse to the top of the screen was now 
allways visible also in windowed mode. 
After a while (4 minutes) ultravnc_viewer stopped working, I could still see 
the remote desktop but my mouse clicks didn't happen. 
I went back to 0.9.30. 

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