appdb needs to allow untested applications sometimes

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Sat Mar 10 17:55:20 CST 2007

What would the purpose of having untested applications in the appdb
be? Users would search for the app and find that it shows up but then
find that it doens't work. I'd prefer we simply left out untested
applications to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high.


On 3/10/07, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> I tried to add an appdb entry for FINView because it's
> one of the applications required by the LiMux project,
> and I'm trying to add links into the appdb for all apps listed on
> .
> It's an addon for a commercial product I don't have,
> so I couldn't test it.  That means I had to lie to the
> appdb to get it to accept the entry.
> Appdb maintainers, please remove
> the "only submit tested applications" restriction
> from the appdb, or at least allow people who know
> what they're doing to get around it.

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