wined3d: Set wrapmode for cubemags to clamp regardeless of the sampler state

Fabian Bieler DER.FABE at
Sat Mar 10 17:16:53 CST 2007

> Am Samstag 10 März 2007 15:02 schrieb Fabian Bieler:
> > This Patch forces GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE on all cubemaps.
> >
> > I tested this on XP with some Radeon X1???.
> >
> > Also, this fixes some renderissues Half-Life 2.
> Say, does that fix the strange quad boarders like in this screenshot? 
> (Eve Online). It
> sounds like it would do that, I'm very impressed :-)
I don't have Eve Online, but the screenshot looks like a glitch with the flashlight in Half-Life 2 that this patch fixes.
> How did you test that? It sounds like a test case using the visual test 
> framework is worth an investigation. I can try to write a test for that.
I adapted a Directx9 HLSL tutorial to display a black cubemap with one white line on one edge of one side and visually (by hand or better to say by eye) confirmed that the line is not "mirrored" on the opposite edge.

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