Memory checking?

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Sun Mar 11 06:21:16 CDT 2007

>>>>> "Giles" == Giles Cameron <giles at> writes:

    Giles> Ok. I am just entering the WINE development crowd, and have very
    Giles> very little experiance with the Windows API (The first time I saw
    Giles> it, I was terrifyed!) Anywho. It would appear that some programs
    Giles> decide there isn't enough free memory available for their tasks
    Giles> (EG, Train Simulator's CAB extaction process, I have yet to look
    Giles> further into this to see if I even have the slightest clue what I
    Giles> am talking about, however) so I was wondering if we could hack in
    Giles> an option to allow the API to tell a little fib on the free
    Giles> memory, since (From what I understand) Linux is so much better
    Giles> with memory.

This is an old issue.

Some programs find _some_error and decide to report it as "out-of-memory"
error. Mostly totally misleading...

Look for the first error and cure it.

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