mswsock.dll, Soc & legal questions

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Mar 11 12:17:59 CDT 2007

Benoit Pradelle a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm pretty interested in implementing mswsock.dll as a SoC this summer 
> : this dll seems to be used by many apps and it's, I think, the sort 
> of job I can do.
be aware that the easy parts have been started in last year SoC, but 
weren't applied to the git tree yet, and the other parts are pretty much 
hard to implement (will require wine server requests changes, and those 
elements won't be done until some other changes on asynchronous requests 
are done)
> As I'm not a Wine dev, I was wondering about how should I work for 
> implementing this lib : should I juste use the MSDN description of the 
> functions and make some tests with some apps to validate the behavior ?
> Or can I take the original dll, execute some apps with it and try to 
> see how the dll is interacting with other libs, what sort of network 
> traffic is generated, etc ? Is this solution possible with the 
> microsoft license ?
anything were you consider the DLL as a blackbox should be fine. you can 
start by MSDN (but MSDN doesn't always tell the truth, or ALL the 
truth), write your own test suites, or try some apps that require the DLL.
Testing the calls to other DLLs wouldn't be needed either. Moreover, 
lots of call are likely done as IOCTL to ntdll, which an even greater 
project to implement (look for TDI)

IMO, network analysis shouldn't be required as the API semantics are 
rather straightforward (there might be some issues about optimisation, 
but that's another story)

And of course, start by looking at work from last year SoC.


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