wined3d: Allow SetCursorProperties on existing cursor

H. Verbeet hverbeet at
Sun Mar 11 12:34:59 CDT 2007

On 11/03/07, Erich Hoover <ehoover at> wrote:
> So, which change exactly are you concerned about? Changes are:
> 1) The removal of "glDeleteTextures(1, &This->cursorTexture);" in device.c
> This change should just keep SetCursorProperties from deleting the gl
> texture.  By removing this call an application can set the cursor to A,
> change the cursor to B, then change the cursor back to A without having the
> texture deleted.
> 2) The temporary allocation of This->glDescription.textureName in surface.c
> This change should allow SetCursorProperties to retrieve "cursor A" the
> second time in the "A, B, A" sequence.  Without this change,
> SetCursorProperties gets back a texture of "0" from the
> IWineD3DSurface_PreLoad call.  This allocation is temporary since
> SetCursorProperties immediately resets that value:
> This->cursorTexture = pSur->glDescription.textureName;
> ...
> pSur->glDescription.textureName = 0; /* Prevent the texture from being
> changed or deleted */
> I don't think I'm missing anything here... However, the implementation of
> item #2 could be changed around by using flags, as you discussed in a
> previous email, and this would seem more consistent with the intent of
> SFLAG_FORCELOAD (see the attached patch).
> Erich Hoover
> ehoover at

You're trying to solve the wrong problem :-) The problem is that when
we set the textureName to 0 we essentially kick the GL texture out of
the surface which is then left in a somewhat inconsistent state.
Calling SetCursorProperties again with the same surface will then fail
because the surface no longer has a GL texture associated with it. The
proper way to fix this is to make a copy of the GL texture rather than
playing tricks with the surface loading code.

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