fog with pixel shaders < 3.0

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Mar 12 10:37:23 CDT 2007

> I think that if fog is disabled, we should be getting corresponding
> values from vertex processing. Also, at least for the vertex shader
> case we already clamp fog values in the vertex shader, so unless fixed
> function can pass us values outside [0,1] we probably can get away
> with not clamping at all.
Good question.

With the precalculated No-Fog fog I pass values from [255,0] in the vertex 
attribs. GL fogstart = 255, end = 0, but that is bypassed with pixel shaders.

Otherwise the Z value is used, which can be in any range. So yes, I think the 
fixed function pipeline can pass any range in. Also we should check how table 
fog really behaves with shaders.
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