CreateScalableFontResource - a few questions

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Mar 12 22:15:34 CDT 2007

"Chris Howe" <mrmessiah at> wrote:

> 2) NE binaries, including FOT files, contain as part of the header
> a DOS stub-executable that typically spits out a message of
> some sort. I reasoned that being in itself a compiled binary we can't
> legally use the blob of binary that would appear in a real-world FOT
> file as-is, and I certainly wasn't about to go decompiling it, so I lifted
> the DOS stub executable from fnt2fon which I'm assuming as it's
> distributed with WINE is fair game.

You can find a much more simpler DOS stub in dlls/kernel32/tests/loader.c,
or borrow the code from dlls/setupapi/fakedll.c,build_fake_dll() in order to
be able to add a description string into the header like "Wine placeholder DLL".


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