Add d3drmdef.h header

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Mar 12 22:35:39 CDT 2007

"Vijay Kiran Kamuju" <infyquest at> wrote:

> I thought for completeness, we provide the entire header.
> I did write all that with the help DirectX SDK. (Phew It took me 3 hrs
> to type it)

If it ends up as an almost exact copy of a microsoft header it's not worth an effort.

> +#ifndef __D3DRMDEFS_H__
> +#define __D3DRMDEFS_H__

That's exactly how microsoft does it, this is not how we do it in Wine.

> +#ifndef D3DRMAPI
> +#define D3DRMAPI WINAPI 
> +#endif

Same here.

> +#define D3DRMOPTIONS_LEFTHANDED  0x00000001L

Same here, and in a lot of other places.

You lost 3 hours typing it, we lost time reviewing it. This not the 1st time.


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