Submitting winetricks to winehq tree?

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Mar 14 14:01:11 CDT 2007

I haven't been villified yet, so let me try harder.  Should winetricks
be committed to the winehq tree?  It would be handy for people
triaging Wine bugs to see if e.g. native dcom, odbc, or corefonts
hide a bug.

I've uploaded a new version to
Mainly it adds a -q option to make all the installers quiet,
but it also includes lots of little improvements sent in by
Detlef and Saulius.

Here's the new usage message:

Usage: winetricks [options] package [package] ...
This script can help you prepare your system for Windows applications
that mistakenly assume all users' systems have all the needed
redistributable runtime libraries or fonts.

 -q         quiet.  You must have already agreed to the EULAs.
 -v         Verbose
 art2kmin   Access 2000 runtime.  License required!
 corefonts  Install MS Times, Arial fonts
 dcom98     Install native DCOM, override the Wine implementation
 fakeie6    Set registry to claim IE6sp1 is installed
 mdac27     Microsoft ODBC drivers, etc.
 mono1.1    mono 1.1.13-gtksharp-2.8.2
 mono1.2    mono
 vbvm50     Visual Basic 5 runtime
 vbrun60    Visual Basic 6 runtime
 vcrun6     vc6redist from VS6sp4, including mfc42
 wsh51      Windows Scripting Host 5.1

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